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"Though I have tried, I have not found anyone with your knowledge of the body and how everything related to each other.
  I miss your expertise!" 
Larry P

"Dr. Matt is a great listener, teacher, and humanist. He’s not in a hurry, usually. If you’re looking for a physician who has an international approach that emphasizes prevention as well as symptom relief, he’s your guy. He has a great sense of humor too, usually."     Mike McGrath, PA-C

"Dr. Peahl has helped me improve my reading pace. I had been struggling with the reading section of the ACT standardized test because I could never finish reading in the time limit. After working with Dr. Peahl, I was able to read more and more of the required passages in the allotted time. I started out reading only 20 lines per minute, and actually moved up to over 100. I am reading so much faster- the improvement is undeniable.  My ACT Reading score improved 6 points. Thank you for the help!"     Kelly K

"This summer my daughter and I were planning to take a very exciting trip that involved multiple destinations. Each destination required a plane ride. As the travel date approached I noticed my anxiety levels increase. One week before the initial flight, I began to feel petrified at the thought of flying.   I contacted Dr. Peahl to see if he could help me. I came into his office, explained my growing fear of triggering vertigo upon flying. He listened to my concern and began to practice his expertise. I felt significantly better after his treatment. Upon leaving his office, he mentioned TBM vials used for flying. He explained how they worked and how to use them. I left his office empowered and ready for my trip.  Two days later, I embarked on my first 4 hour flight to the Pacific Northwest without any issues. I felt completely calm and confident. I was able to "hit the ground running" upon our arrival.  I was able to hike six miles and climb Beacon Rock without any problem. I continued to hike and climb as well as take two additional flights to different destinations without any issue.

This trip has been one of the most memorable journeys I've taken, and I believe it was all possible because of the amazing treatment I received Thanks Dr. Peahl, you helped make our Mother Daughter Trip very memorable!"       Josie G

"Dr. Matt Peahl has helped each member of our family in more ways than I could possibly list.  We have personally recommended him to much of our extended family and many of our friends.  His natural approach is remarkably effective but requires an open mind.  Here are just a few examples of ways Dr. Peahl has helped me in various areas:

Sports Injuries - I am approaching 50 and now regularly play basketball.  Before seeing him I had a nagging calf injury from marathon training six years prior that prevented me from playing much basketball.  Matt identified that two of the three calf muscles where not firing, so one calf muscle was doing all the work and getting strained.  After one or two treatments, I have never had a problem again with that calf.  Dr. Peahl is remarkably effective with sports and muscle related problems.  In fact, he has successfully treated a number of professional athletes. 


Pain & Stress – Before seeing Dr. Peahl, I had regular and consistent pain along my neck down my left shoulder.  That is where I kept my stress.  It just became a regular, accepted part of my life.  I am a partner with a financial services firm, travel extensively and have young kids.  Stress is just part of my life.  I still have all those demands and more but Dr. Peahl has helped me in a variety of ways to manage that stress – primarily through acupuncture, regular treatments and healthy food.  That pain in my neck and shoulders was treated years ago and not come back.


General Health – Before seeing Dr. Peahl I used to get sinus infections three or four times a year.  My old doctor would typically prescribe antibiotics.  I also suffered for years from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).  Dr. Peahl answered my questions about diet and supplements, and provided a lot of education.  I eat much differently than I did when I first saw Dr. Peahl six years ago.  I never get sinus infections and have a healthy digestive system now (no more IBS!). 


Thank you doctor Peahl for everything you do!  I don’t know what our family would do without you."

Kind regards,

Wally F.

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